Orapi AV33 150ml Aerosol Firearm Cleaner


A highly effective aerosol firearm cleaner which cleans, lubricates & protects all metallic parts of your firearm.

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A fantastic cleaner for both smooth & rifles bores. This cleaner is our firearm cleaner of choice in the shop.

Use: Provides immediate protection after firing by neutralising powder combustion residues.
Cleans and lubricates the firing pin, bore, breech, muzzle, tube, trigger, bolt/cocking lever, rifling, hammer, etc.
AV 33
Water repellent water repellent product with 5 main functions: eliminates water, cleans, protects,
unclogs and lubricates.
  • Cleans and protects the bore of both smooth & rifled weapons against corrosion.
  • Neutralizes and eliminates the combustion residues of powders.
  • Adheres to the metal walls and forms an insulating and protective film against corrosion.
  • AV 33 penetrates into the smallest spaces and makes it possible to unravel rusted and blocked mechanisms.
  • No subsequent re-oxidation is observed even in extreme cases of corrosive atmospheres(marine, road salt in winter …)
  • AV 33 allows to lubricate without “staining” and without “oiling”, avoids greasing before firing.
  • Protects cleaned parts for many months regardless of storage conditions.
  • Does not contain solid additives.

COSHH sheet available upon request.